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Heating Oil Prices in Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Prescott Oil - Worcester County, Massachusetts

Find the most affordable home heating oil in Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

We have no reputable companies in our database for Norfolk County.

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Please find the table below with the last known oil prices of oil companies in Norfolk County.

Company City Price Price Updated
Kelleys Discount Oil Weymouth  $2.280  1/14/2015 
Payless Oil And Service, Inc Dedham  $2.290  1/28/2015 
Sweet Heat Whitman   $2.199  1/28/2015 
Bridgewater Fuel Avon  $2.199  1/28/2015 
Lapuma Fuel Westwood  $2.199  1/28/2015 
Atlantic Pratt Oil Co Braintree $3.899 1/9/2014
Careys Discount Oil Whitman  $2.189  1/19/2015 
Edward Blondell Co Milton  $2.690  1/28/2015 
Veneto & Sons Oil Milton $3.590 1/11/2013
Fossil Fuel Enterprises Weymouth  $2.299  1/31/2015 
Patriot Fuel Company Taunton $3.699 2/20/2012
Blackstone Valley Oil Milford  $2.390  1/28/2015 
Reynolds Oil Svc Inc Wrentham  $2.690  1/28/2015 
Spartacus Oil Franklin  $2.390  1/16/2015 
Buy-rite Oil, Inc. Attleboro $3.480 5/5/2011
George T Cronin & Son Inc Norfolk $3.740 1/16/2014
Attleboro Plainville Oil Co Plainville $4.179 2/23/2012
Kirley Fuel Plainville $4.179 2/23/2012
Norman's Fuel Co Plainville $4.179 2/23/2012
Eastern Petroleum Sandwich  $2.399  1/31/2015 
Eddies Oil Holbrook  $2.199  1/22/2015 
Jos Oil Quincy  $2.199  1/28/2015 
Burke Oil Quincy $3.419 1/8/2012
Budget Fuel Weymouth  $2.299  1/31/2015 
Ohara Fuel Quincy  $2.269  1/31/2015 
M.j. Meehan Excavating Milford  $2.210  1/28/2015 
L J Richardson Oil Co Norwood $3.580 1/18/2014
Georges Oil Co Franklin  $2.280  1/30/2015 

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