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Oil Energy Saving Tips
  • Make sure your house is properly insulated.
  • Keep your thermostat at a reasonable, yet comfortable level.
  • Keep your oil burner serviced, and up to date.
  • Make sure the filters on your furnace are changed regularly.
  • Turn down your thermostat at night on both your home and on your oil-fired hot water heater. Remember, the furnace isn't the only gadget in your home that may use home heating oil.
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Prescott Oil - Worcester County, Massachusetts

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Please find the table below with the last known oil prices of oil companies in County.

Company City Price Price Updated
Nekoroski Oil Co Beverly  $3.090  11/20/2014 
Simard Gas & Oil Co Haverhill  $2.949  11/20/2014 
Edgemont Garage & Oil Merrimac  $2.990  11/20/2014 
Arctic Oil Lynn  $2.980  11/20/2014 
Eaton Oil Co. Rowley  $2.849  11/20/2014 
Highland Fuel Co Lynn  $3.190  11/20/2014 
Purity Oil Co Lynn $3.490 6/14/2012
Direct Fuel Peabody  $2.780  11/21/2014 
Knight Oil Co Amesbury  $3.190  11/20/2014 
Ashley Fuel Inc Rockport  $3.120  11/13/2014 
S & N Oil Corp Beverly  $3.179  10/16/2014 
Eastern Propane Gas Inc Danvers  $3.149  11/20/2014 
Sols Fuel Co Danvers  $2.970  11/20/2014 
Macarthur Oil Gloucester  $2.890  11/21/2014 
Cape Ann Oil Gloucester  $2.990  11/4/2014 
Felicia Oil Co Gloucester  $3.000  11/20/2014 
Ashley Fuel Inc. Beverly  $3.120  11/13/2014 
J M Walsh & Oil Co Gloucester  $3.040  11/13/2014 
John S Martin Co Marblehead  $3.100  11/13/2014 
Mackenzie Fuels Newburyport  $2.899  11/20/2014 
Favorite Fuels Newbury  $2.929  11/20/2014 
Lombardi Oil Co Newburyport $3.790 8/29/2012
Newburyport Fuel Newburyport   $2.999  11/13/2014 
Northern Essex Fuel Corp Amesbury/haverhill  $2.830  11/19/2014 
Holdens Oil Inc Peabody  $3.040  11/20/2014 
Stocker Oil Co Peabody  $3.029  11/20/2014 
Terenzoni Oil Co Peabody  $3.100  11/20/2014 
M D Oil & Burner Svc Salem  $3.050  11/20/2014 
Michaud & Raymond Peabody  $3.090  11/20/2014 
Spartan Oil Salem  $2.850  11/17/2014 
Welch & Lamson Inc Hamilton  $3.100  11/20/2014 
Olde Town Oil Groveland $3.749 4/28/2011
Leightons Heating & Cooling Inc. Newburyport  $2.989  11/20/2014 
Mar Oil Rowley  $2.720  11/20/2014 
Ynot Oil Beverly  $2.800  11/20/2014 
Rc Nighelli Heating Services, Llc Haverhill  $2.999  10/31/2014 
Walshs Oil Co Lynn $3.690 1/16/2014
Budget Oil Delivery Peabody  $3.490  11/20/2014 
Regal Fuels Salem  $3.100  10/23/2014 

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